Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fortuitous Instant

Fortuitous instant
All other happenings
Chance that I
would be the sole spectator
Of a subtle flash of fact
Illuminating for a millisecond
The nakedness of emperors
The masks of thieves
The perfidy in pretty things
The banality of the bizarre.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

American Monday

On an American Monday
We labor in Skinner boxes
Pecking away
Rapt by the promise of Saturday.

At Red Butte Garden

How to resist the sultry whisper
of a bed of daffodils in April?
A luxurious lie, a gilded mask
to obscure the russet earth from view.
I tear my eyes away
and pursue a path
marked by the crackling sound
of dry, feral grasses in tête-à-tête with the wind.
The real yellow here is a smattering of wildflower
that refuses to sleep with rich topsoil,
instead eloping with the renegade red earth.

Original composed 23 April 2010, completed 26 September 2010

Confessions of a Philistine

Alter my consciousness, add me a nerve
I’ll settle for less than what I deserve
And I will subsist
Dancing to music that only I hear
And lovemaking with specters that only you fear
Recklessly awake-dreaming of sleep-time illusions
Intrepidly seeking a soul contusion
Fucking fantastical creations with tongue un-tied
And what was dead in me un-died
Newly cloistered in conventional folly
And I fear 
I’m more Delilah than I’ll ever be Molly.

Completed 20 Sept 2010