Saturday, September 15, 2012

Things I Miss

Time to catch ladybugs
Tooth fairy money
Covering my hands with Elmer's glue and then peeling it off slowly, like another set of skin
Sticking out my tongue to catch the falling snow
Playing with my mother's makeup
Singing to my dolls
Climbing trees
Thumb wars
Tether ball
Camping in the backyard
Making bread pudding - I don't even remember how to anymore
Catching toads
The Babysitters' Club
Wanting to become a marine biologist
My old bedroom
The time to daydream all day
Fruit Loop necklaces
Sneaking out of the house to play night games
Not needing to lock the door or worry about sex offenders and maniacs
Easter egg hunts
Family dinners
Writing real letters - on paper
Believing the best about the people I love

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