Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Upon Visiting the Old House

My tears were not a cry, but a song
The song of today devouring yesterday –
Equal parts lamentation
And celebration.

I cried because I could again
Sense the pulse of my first kiss
Taste icicles plucked from the patio roof
See the snowman stand sentinel
Beyond my gossamer curtains
Watch my dreams bounce playfully
Atop bright allium balls
Along the garden, stopping now and then
To chase hummingbirds among the lilies
Of the valley of my youth
Start a fried chicken food fight, fling
Mashed potatoes on the freckled face
Of my first friend
Prick our thumbs with rose thorns
Blood sisters
Smile hello all summer to so many
Red cheeks
Gapped teeth
And sun-peeled
Comrades in walnut wars
And hopscotch battles
I swore I’d never forget
(But did)

I cried because I missed my tomboy knees and caveman soles –
I missed my soul –
There is no childhood
Like a barefoot one.